Amalgamation – alternative perspectives

The Global Canadian has published two viewpoints of amalgamation of the City and District of North Vancouver.  Two Councillors:  Rod Clark (current) in the City of North Van and Mike Little (former) in the District.  Here are their viewpoints:

Comment by Voices:  We believe that most residents would support a study.  Lots of articles on this site if you do a search under amalgamation.  We are reminded of an article written by Elizabeth James in the North Shore News addressing the new Auditor General for Local Government:

‘In that regard, if you should schedule a review of the City and District of North Vancouver, I urge you to consider the two municipalities concurrently because, as residents support mirrored councils and staffs for a combined population of only 131,000, many of them want to see a facilitated dialogue on the pros and cons of amalgamation – no matter what some politicians would prefer.

I agree and suggest that a politician who denies citizens that opportunity is in a direct conflict of interest.’



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