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Why I’m not running for re-election in October

Comment from Voices:  this letter to the editor from a Councillor in Gibsons was published in The Coast Reporter,  his comments in part apply equally to the City of North Vancouver. 

‘Our “us versus them” mentality is too simplistic; we are fully capable of making collective decisions based on reason and evidence, instead of individualistic partisanship and ideology.’ and ‘We need to go about the business of the community with common courtesy, civility and dialogue, and greet the darker sides of human nature with humility, respect and compassion. This community deserves nothing less.’

Full article:

Source: Why I’m not running for re-election in October

Preliminary list of election candidates

Listed below, apologies if we have not included anyone – contact us if you want to be included.  There are many rumours of others, but until we see something in writing …

Nominations are not over until Sep 14th, but here is the list as far as we know so far.  When the official list is published, we’ll update with websites and info.  


Linda Buchanan

Guy Heywood

Kerry Morris


Holly Back

Bill Bell

Bob Fearnley

Ken Izatt

Mack McCorkindale

Shervin Shahriari

Tony Valente

Antje Wilson