Setting the Record Straight #3

Here we are again disputing Stache’s comic of the day – not that we want to give him any publicity but his statements today need to be refuted. There seems to be no ability on his website anymore to leave a comment.

He states, referring to Mayoral Candidates Buchanan and Clark: ‘Two anti NIMBY’s voicing similar sanctimonious robotic platforms that would enable either one IF elected to further deconstruct and devastate the social wellness and livability of our city… All you have to do discerning voters is look at their evidentiary pro density city council records over the last four years’.

We would strongly suggest that you DO look at their records – Councillor Clark, together with Councillors Bell and Bookham, has consistently voted against the majority slate, hence the references to the 4-3 vote approving most developments. The majority being Mussatto, Back, Buchanan and Keating.


2 responses to “Setting the Record Straight #3

  1. northvancityvoices

    More lies from Stache …

    Minutes of Mar 23/15 City Council Meeting
    BYLAWS – FINAL ADOPTION 4. “Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2014, No. 8400” (A Bylaw to Establish a New Official Community Plan) Moved by Councillor Buchanan, seconded by Councillor Keating THAT “Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2014, No. 8400” (A Bylaw to Establish a New Official Community Plan), be reconsidered and finally adopted, signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal. A recorded vote was taken on the motion. Voting in favour: Councillor Back Councillor Buchanan Councillor Keating Mayor Mussatto Voting against: Councillor Bell Councillor Bookham Councillor Clark The motion was CARRIED by a vote of 4 to 3.

    Rod Clark

  2. After than more than a year of disrespectful and rude cartoons and a promise than he was running for Council, he was afraid to face the people to get the last place finish that was due him.

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