Candidate honesty vs lies and ethics

Candidate honesty vs lies and ethics
Would you vote for Mayoral candidates who have shown themselves to be less than honest, trustworthy and ethical?  Two incidents in the past day showing that two candidates – Kerry Morris and Linda Buchanan fail that test.
Kerry Morris has posted a list of campaign donors on his website with the following comment on facebook: ‘ Released all my donations publicly so you can see I’m beholden to no one but our cities community (as far as I can tell currently no one else has released there’s):’
Problem?  He has listed Pam Bookham with a ‘donation’ of $250, the truth is that this was not a donation. Earlier this year, Bob Heywood, Pam Bookham and Rod Clark asked Kerry Morris to remove their 2014 endorsements from his website. He refused, unless they paid to have them removed.  Pam Bookham paid for all three, he then refused to remove their pictures after the endorsements were removed.  This leaves people with the impression that he had received their endorsements.  She is not supporting him and for him to now refer the charge as a ‘donation’ is a lie.  Would you now trust this person to be a Mayor?  He says he is running on an ‘open and honest’ platform – not true.
Linda Buchanan during the Mayoral debate last night took a shot at candidate Rod Clark for ‘turning down a proposal for 10 suites at 10% below CMHC. The actual proposal at the public hearing April 23rd ‘ for 4 units – was defeated by Coun. Bell, Back, Bookham and Clark because it was throught to be an insignificant contribution for the massive development. Brought back for reconsideration  as a last minute agenda addition on May 14th by the Mayor because the developer continued negotiating after the public hearing was closed (not allowed).  This is the project she used to try to show Rod Clark as being ‘against affordable housing”.
This is a comment by a resident who attended ‘What this shows is that Linda Buchanan has no sense of what legal proceedings are.  This is an example of why the community that cares about how things are done at City Hall, is so angry and frustrated about how all the development projects are handled at City Hall.  Backroom deals are done that favour the developers and the community comes forward at Public Hearings and their input is totally ignored – the deals are already done.’
‘This shows that she supports developers above and beyond even standard legal procedures.’

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