SULLIVAN: Don’t like density? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Quoting from Paul Sullivan’s article in the NS News today “Meanwhile, it looks like development as usual in the city, where they appear to be testing the boundaries of the word “density.”

Quotes from the new ‘slate’ – ranging from Mayor-elect Buchanan referring to growth ‘I’m comfortable with where we are and the density we’ve put in’ to two of the new Councillors ‘our City has the lowest population growth in the Province and no growth 2017/2018’ and ‘the City has followed the plans for growth … in the Metro Vancouver Regional Plan’ are concerning.  Who have these people been listening to?  Certainly not the average resident who is very aware that the City of North Van has already exceeded the 2041 Regional Growth Targets.  

Quoting from the article ‘And it was a near thing in the city – Heywood lost to Buchanan by a mere 400 votes, and altogether, the slow growth faction received twice as many votes as Buchanan in the race for mayor. This leaves Don Bell as the foremost advocate for slowing things down in the city: “Too much density, too fast” he told the North Shore News. I have a feeling he ain’t seen nothin’ yet.’

We wish Councillor Bell all the best as the people’s advocate.

Source: SULLIVAN: Don’t like density? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

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