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We welcome participation from anyone concerned about how the City of North Vancouver is growing.  We are particularly focused on growth and land management.  We believe that OCP changes, re-zoning, density bonusing and other actions that tend to increase density in the city have had no significant positive effects – either by making housing more affordable or increases in community amenities.

In fact many believe the livability and sustainability have taken a turn for the worse as traffic makes some roads barely passable for many hours per day and the growth of parks, recreation facilities, services and amenities continues to fall behind the growth in population.

Meantime the developers grow bolder, the traffic gets worse and the amenities and services fall further and further behind.

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7 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Colleen Armstrong

    I think all gravel school fields should be available to off leash dogs when school is not in session. Of course ,sports teams scheduling would take precedence.The space is virtually a ghost town after school and during the summer. Imagine if a charge of $ 5.00 per hr.was imposed how much the City and District could raise.Every dog park I have ever visited has a real sense of community, both dog and human.

  2. can’t seem to get your eletter
    Do I have to put your address into my contacts list in order for it to appear in mac mail, rather than straight to junk mail.?

    • northvancityvoices

      Good question, and I don’t know the answer – are they currently going into spam? or are you not receiving at all?

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  4. alex jamieson

    Hello north van voices,

    I would like to talk to you about the planner’s response to letter I wrote to the City about the OCP. I think you and I may be on the same wavelength about the “City Shaping” process, and especially the fact that they have already met their quota for 2031’s growth.

    I am also concerned that none of the3 north shore authorities are consulting with the First Nations, who have plans of their own for growth. All of which is leading to more pressure on the bridges, which the planners seem to think is going to be alleviated by an extra Sea Bus….?

    Anyway, I would like to talk this over with you. I am a City Planner and now live in N. Van City, which I like very much…lets keep growth to a reasonable level.

    What is your email address so I can send you the letter and attachments?

    -Alex Jamieson, 604 998-1045

  5. Dear N Van City Voices Group, I am speaking as a 10 minute delegation on Monday 3rd Dec regarding a complete amendment to the ‘North Vancouver Policing Committee’. If you go to the Agenda you should be able to see my input letter etc. I know that the Onni Safeway project is foremost in your minds and I guess some will speak of this in the 2 min period (that incidentally I managed to push to have the Council insert this on the Agenda back in 2003). However I have so far achieved some movement but still needs to be implemented and I would hope that although the City Manager and the RCMP have been trying to avoid any amendment to the current set up (only 3 meetings during 2012) that maybe a few of you would state of your support of a Motion that John Harvey’s ‘Terms of Reference’ be accepted instead.. Only needs just a few seconds separately spoken of this, during a 2 minute input comment on Onni.. Thank you. JH

    • northvancityvoices

      Hi John,
      I’ll post this but I’d suggest you get there at 5.30 and remind people that you are a delegation and would appreciate their support. I’m up to my eyes already and can’t be there Monday.

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