Council Meeting Agenda – September 14 at 6.00pm

Delegation re Studio in the City 8 Update;  Public Hearing at 7.00pm re OCP amendment and zoning bylaw for Harbourside Seniors Assisting Living facility and Seniors rental housing;  Permissive Tax Exemption report;  Green Necklace Keith & Grand Blvd – to go to public consultation;  Lot 5:  allocation of almost $3M for planning and site remediation – including the balance of funding from the Province for the National Maritime Museum;  Zoning bylaw and 1st reading for 231 W 18th – rezoning to reduce minimum lot size and develop duplexes on each new lot;  rezoning bylaw and 1st reading for 340-344 E Keith to subdivide 2 lots into four with single family dwelling inc suites and garage on each lot.  

Mayor and Council Expenses 2nd quarter 2015:


From the consent agenda it seems that the Shipyards expression of interest has been narrowed down to three proponents (details are from the closed session so not available);  Delegation from Sailor Hagar’s re Liquor Regulations; Delegation from Korean Cultural Heritage Assn;  Council Authorization to attend ‘Walk 21 Stepping Ahead’ Conference -Vienna in Oct; CNV4ME Task Force;  Gas Pump Labels;  Rezoning Applications for 362-8 East 3rd; 1337 Jones; 212-4 West 5th;  request for Slide the City report;  request re Bicycle Lift.

(Voices comment: The conference in Vienna focus is resilient cities and healthy living.  Our estimate – taxpayer’s minimum cost per Councillor using moderate hotel = $3500 – air, 3 nts hotel, per diem, registration).   The request for the bicycle lift is from Coun. Keating.  We recall that this previously came before Council in 2009 at the request of the Mayor and cost estimate at that time was $2-3Million.   Since then, the original bike lift in Trondheim has been replaced with this: which quotes a cost of about $3,000 per Meter.)

Emails to Council from Voices re June 22 meeting; Gaming and Council Procedure Bylaw:

Council June 22 re gaming

Council June 21 re procedure bylaw

1st Quarter Council Expenses 2015:

4th Quarter Council Expenses and year to date 2014: (updated Apr 18)

Comment from Voices:  We note that 1/3 of the annual Indemnity is a tax free allowance for ‘expenses incurred in the discharge of duties’.  We also note that the Bylaw states: Members of Council will not be reimbursed for expenses incurred to attend events whose purpose is to raise money for charitable causes or political parties. Attendance at charitable events or monies contributed to fund raising causes, excluding political parties, must be considered as part of the City’s budget process for Grants to Other Agencies. 

We question why Mayor Mussatto has listed some fundraising donations, such as $500 to Presentation House Gallery and others.  

                                                                   Oct-Dec                                     2014 Total                                                    

Coun. Bell                                                     $4430                                      $9724

Coun. Bookham                                           $110                                          $330

Coun. Buchanan                                          $636                                         $8956

Coun. Clark                                                   $290                                         $5710

Coun. Keating                                               $2760                                       $5681

Mayor Mussatto                                           $2312                                       $12,844



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