Progress update from Concert dated August 28th:



Progress update from Concert dated August 1st:


Part of an agenda item (#4) for Council on Monday July 15th:

With regard to the 12 acre rezoning currently in process for the Harbourside Waterfront area (i.e., 801 – 925 Harbourside Drive and 18 Fell Avenue), Concert Properties is currently looking to re-design their site, going from a previously proposed 5.2 m flood level elevation to address sea level rise, to a 4.5 m elevation to address current flood management issues, with adaptability features being incorporated to address sea level rise in future. This change in design will lead to some cost savings, due to the ability to remove the previously proposed 2 level sidewalks and the ramping; an estimated savings of about $8 million. The negotiations on Community Amenity Contributions have not yet been concluded, but staff will likely bring a new proposal before Council in the near future, featuring a substantial contribution in terms of off-site improvements and public amenities, as well as a significant cash contribution to the City.


Progress update from Concert (dated July 9th):

-Planning to go before Council as a delegation on July 22nd to provide an update on rezoning efforts

-Public Hearing will be scheduled in the Fall

-States temporary use permit for parking has been approved, however it’s before Council on Monday Jul 15 for approval

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Progress update from Concert (dated June 7th):

Timeline Update
Earlier this year we had been operating under the assumption that Concert would be able to bring Harbourside to a Town Hall meeting, and subsequently a Public Hearing in the Spring. However, the determination of the appropriate type and magnitude of community amenity contributions (CACs) have taken longer than expected. A plan for proposed CACs – things like parks, public art, rental housing, street upgrades and cash donations for Council’s discretionary use – must be finalized before the plan for Harbourside can go before either a Town Hall meeting or Public Hearing. It is anticipated that we will be able to schedule a Town Hall Meeting this Summer and then a Public Hearing for early Fall.



Town hall meeting date and location to be advised (update May 5)


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Details of information meeting held in January are posted.

From the City’s website, information on rezoning: