We are going to publish letters addressed to Mayor and Council that are copied to North Van City Voices.  We are concerned about the increase in the number of decisions being made behind closed doors.   We’ve been asked to do this as a service to members of our community.  Ideally we would like correspondence to be listed on Council agendas, as is done in other communities.

(i.e. http://www.westvancouver.ca/government/mayor-council/write-mayor-council)

If we receive a response to any posted letters, we’ll also post the response.   Don’t hesitate to copy us on any communications with the CNV.




Letter to Council from residents in East 3rd area re comments during the July 7 Council meeting, OCP changes:



Letter from Greg Steer and family to Council with concerns about densification:



Letter from Kerry Morris to Council re Richardsons Expansion Project:



Letter from Marc Pedersen to Council re Draft OCP:



Letter from Michael Grant to Council re Town Hall meetings:

NVCV- letter re Town Halls M Grant apr 2014


Letter from Cloverley resident re school lands:



Kerry Morris  letter to Councillor Keating (copied to Council) regarding Onni development and campaign contribution

KM-April 4th 2014 letter to Craig Keating re Onni (1)


Kerry Morris letter to Mayor followup to “Mayors Lunch”

Jan 24 14 Open Letter to Mayor via NSN


Letter to Council re LEC Jan 10 2014:

LEC-Morris Jan 2014 attachments: 09131000


Letter re Playtime Gambling motion Dec 12 2013:



2 letters October 7 2013:

NVCV-letters to Council Oct 7 2013

1. Alex Jamieson re Central Waterfront Retail Strategy

2. Toni Bolton re Colliers RFQ and in-camera item


Alex Jamieson re 101 Lonsdale development

CNV letter to Council Jamieson

Toni Bolton re Lower Lonsdale Business Association 

nvcv-letter to Council re LLBA Sep 23 2013


3 letters week ending September 20 2013:

1. Sue Lakes Cook re Central Waterfront Vision Branding

2. Voices re Councillor Buchanan’s California report and expenses posting

3. Marc Pedersen re train whistles

NVCV-letters to Council week ending Sep 20 2013

5 responses to “Opinions

  1. 3 questions – love to hear your responses….

    I ask… why does the City of North Vancouver LACK a Strategic Plan?
    I ask… why is the Administration not WILLING to be accountable and transparent. ( reference to all the behind closed doors decisions)
    I ask.. . why is it that …. the City Senior Leadership feel they do not have to return calls.

    Love to hear form all and many …….

  2. I wouldn’t be so hard on Ivan or Kerry. If Kerry was elected at least he would have the integrity to let OCP’s stay as they are, not like the current “slate” members who only think of development and ruining our city like the idiot in vancouver. The current team likes to change things and increase height when in fact there is height restrictions, and make people like myself feel like an idiot and have made a mistake in my investment and feeling regretful. Yes they like to make changes after the fact that hundreds have bought an investment and with the museum added on to site 8, they will take away more of my view. Yes the current slate appear like nice people but their behaviour and actions are not nice. Ivan and Kerry are nice people that care about our community and don’t want to see north vancouver become like L.A. It’s too bad Kerry didn’t get elected, I would have maintained my view and equity which I was promised when I went down to city hall before I bought. Now I feel deceived and lied to and will move eventually, thanks to this pro-development team of council members.

  3. I’m interested in the thoughts of those candidates who have decided to support Mayor Mussatto’s Slate, now called team, in this democratic election ,to justify, while standing before the Cenotaph honoring those millions of Soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect and provide their love ones left behind, securing their safety and the freedom of a Democratic society, where we treasure the honor of voicing our opinions without fear no matter what those opinions may be, when joining Mussatto’s political slate. A team, where their opinions must not diverge from those of there leader and must vote constantly, lock step, with their leader, forever agreeing with every nuance, and decision, without deviation. I wonder what their children think or even their grandfathers would have thought of that behavior when trudging for months, knee deep in mud and bullets flying over head, to preserve their families freedom.

    • Ivan here you go again. Still trying to get a vote even on remembrance day scrapping bottom. Can’t you give it a rest. See you at the Cenotaph. Enjoy joining Morras political slate if that’s what you call it.

    • It would take a narrow shallow mind to turn this into a political smear. How low will you sink Ivan or how far you are prepared to run a candidate Kerry Morris and those words II use loosely.He drinks and drives, puts himself above the law trying to get back an overpayment that he claims he made, Im so glad he isn’t looking after my tax dollars!!!

      Ivan some advice from a friend and that is no matter how much lipstick that you try on a pig…… At the end of the day it is still a pig !!!

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