4th reading is now passed with one change to details below: an additional 15 feet width added to walkway.


North Van City Voices has not taken a position on the merits of the Onni proposal, other than to argue that Council should put in place a clear and comprehensive policy on density bonusing and community amenities before approving any large projects – such as this one – that are currently in the development pipeline. We support appropriate development of the 13th and Lonsdale site. However, some of our members do oppose the Onni development as currently envisioned.

Status as of March 8 2013

  • Even though Onni said they were withdrawing their proposal, they did not.
  • There will be another Public Hearing – on March 11th at 6.00pm.
  • Changes made are itemized on the post dated March 8th, primary change is moving traffic from 14th to 13th.
  • This would not address the height of the towers – still 240 feet on 14th and 180 feet on 13thstill a 3 storey podium covering the whole site; still a 90 foot office tower on 13th by The Grande; still no green space.
  • The following is the Density Bonusing in the current proposal – Onni receives:
    • 5 additional tower floors – the City receives 37 daycare spaces
    • 5.4 additional tower floors – the City receives 10,000 square feet of ‘affordable housing’ (which is not affordable but adaptable housing for about 15 people with disabilities)
    • 3.3 additional tower floors – the City receives a building built to exceed by 20% Ashrae 90.1 standards  (I am told this is basically what is being built now but it is not mandated)
    • 72,000 square feet of commercial density – the City receives $1 million
  •  (980 people signed the Height and Density petition; 990 people signed the Traffic petition)

Information about the public hearing is available on the post dated today.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for past posts, type Onni into the search engine at the top right.