We’ve updated the statistics for growth* in the CNV  (revised Jan 2018) 2041 Target: 30,200  Jan 2018 Actual: 31,192
*dwelling units
Regional Growth Strategy Projection Estimates: 
               2011 Census          2021                 2031                   2041
Population     48,168       56,000            62,000              68,000
Dwelling Units 24,206    25,600            28,000              30,200

The 2016 census :   Dwellings:  26,426 Population 52,898 (9.8% increase from 2011) 
We have been tracking developments since 2011 using City documents including: Public Hearing minutes,  Council meeting minutes, Committee meeting minutes and current development applications.  The 2011 census showed dwelling totals as 24,206.  Some developments included in our statistics may have a timeline of 5-8 years for completion.  
If we take the 2011 census total of dwellings – 24,206 and add the current growth planned for of 6,986 (attached housing units) total 31,192. You can see we have exceeded the 2041 targets.  We have not included the Harry Jerome Redevelopment in our statistics.
We continue to advocate:  
The City is growing too fast, outpacing infrastructure such as roads and transit, eroding green space, and detracting from its livability. We are already well ahead of the growth needed to meet our Regional Growth Strategy commitments. It’s time to pause and take a breath.
We’ve attached the up to date statistics for your information.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.    

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