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The Harbourside Evolution: A Snapshot Review

Attending an information evening at The Pinnacle Hotel in January,  Amanda Nichol provides her updates of two of the big topics of discussion facing the City of North Vancouver:

CONCERT PROPERTIES Developer Information Session on Harbourside

In an ongoing process of public consultations, the biggest change here is the stated consideration of sea rise – everything is supposedly moved further from the water with graduated rise. Although the idea of terracing to allow for continued easy access to the waterfront and a concrete barrier to possibly limit potential damage from future water events that may involve sea level rise sound great, the actual picture does leave a lot to the imagination as far as relating to the current road/water/park construction and how that could possibly be changed to allow for it. Just simply adding more green space between the water and the road on a picture does not necessarily translate into more green space when everything is built.  Roads are not always so easily shifted.

The promise of the creation of more public parking via the internal street network created by the buildings is attractive to those that currently find parking at Harbourside a struggle.

Richardson was very hopeful towards the future link up of the spirit trail, in spite of challenges with land ownership.

The TDM (the Traffic Demand Management) plan promises new traffic lights at Fell & Automall Drive, and Fell & Harbourside Drive, and the reconfiguration of lanes around the area. Still no mention of an alternative route, other than the current four-lane overpass, aside from Bewicke. CN has been remarkably silent, and it appears still so, on the future of this particular at-grade crossing. Obviously Concert and CNV are hopeful that it will remain an open crossing, in spite of the potential CN has of closing the at-grade crossing.

Concert proposed Bewicke improvements:

  • Repaving and beautification of a portion of Bewicke Ave.
  • Encouraging alternative transportation methods with the addition of cyclist and pedestrian lanes on Bewicke bridge, and improving safe  access overall along Bewicke Ave.
  • Installation of safety arms on the at-grade rail crossing.
  • Erecting digital signage to notify traffic of an impending train to allow re-routing to avoid train-related delays.

Other items:

  • Ride share program
  • Car pool program
  • Spa Utopia building is being redeveloped as a fourth phase.
  • Hotel (Knightsbridge Properties) will be on the east side (waterfront) of Fell.
  • More angling of a number of building to create/increase view corridor to Grouse Mountain and/or the Lions.
  • Variety of building heights
  • Less specificity with the waterfront park area
  • Less specificity surrounding amenities/community area, etcetera
  • More specificity around transportation demand management plan

In general, the conceptualization gives the impression of being more detailed but many notable elements have become more vague. There is little to no detail on specific amenities and community space, just the general suggestion of what might be possible down the road.

Link with details of Richardson Grain Terminal expansion:

The Richardson Expansion & Harbourside Evolution: A Snapshot Review.


On the Waterfront (update)

1. Article by Trevor Carolan in the NS News about Waterfront projects underway:

Waterfront politics in a snake-year.

Details of the Harbourside project available here on CNV’s website:


A town hall meeting will be held in February – date to be advised.

2.  Omitted from the article was mention of Richardson Terminal’s expansion, summary from an attendee yesterday:

I attended the Richardson expansion session at the Pinnacle today and learned a couple things.

Firstly, currently about 3 super b tractor trailers visit the terminal everyday to transport grain pellets to farms. Richardson makes the grain pellets from grain dockage (waste). With the increase in capacity from 3 to 5 million metric tonnes of grain and oilseed per year the number of tractor trailers entering and exiting the terminal via the low level road will be 5-6. This represents significant noise and diesel emissions.

Secondly, the terminal intends to transport the grain using Panamax vessels, which are twice the size of the Handy vessels (30,000 tonnes per load) currently used. As a result the number of ship trips will likely remain similar but the vessel will be twice as large. Unfortunately this comes at a time when many people are working to remediate the Inlet.

3.  Pete McMartin comment on Neptune expansion: