NEW:  Posted May 20

Happy Victoria Day!  

Next scheduled Council meeting will be May 30 at 6pm


Posted Jan 29:

Reminder from Voices: If you wish to speak at public input, be sure to arrive about 5.30 when the list first comes out – more than five speakers no guarantee you will speak, negotiation skills needed with others wanting to speak.

Also, evidence from last week’s meeting that the new regulation to speak once every three months on an item will be upheld.

Posted Jan 28: 

This is the link on the City’s website to the package of Closed reports that Council authorized the release of at its meeting of January 25, 2016:

We note that the report is 668 pages without an index provided, and contains documents from 2012.  We also note that the comparisons provided in the BDO report were Storyeum, the Vancouver Museum and the Squamish Railway Museum.


Welcome to our updated website.  This “NEWS” page will have announcements of upcoming meetings, public hearings and other information we feel should be highlighted.  

 The “COUNCIL” tab will focus on gathered facts – expenses, salaries etc.  We’ll have a section for “Questions We Couldn’t Ask” (concerns arising from meetings), and “Did They Really Say That”?  (Shake your head moments).

The “ARTICLES” tab will have relevant published information from other sources.

The “SUBMISSIONS’ tab will list our submissions to Council at Council Meetings in Public Hearings or the Public Input portion.

The “STATISTICS”  tab will summarize the Regional Growth Strategy to 2041 and where we are to date with planned projects.

The “ABOUT” tab has our contact information and history.

We recognize that our city (North Vancouver) is growing and will continue to grow. Growth is healthy. However, there is a big difference between managed, prudent growth and unfettered developer driven growth.  We believe we are getting too much of the latter.  The current Mayor and Council are in a rush to rapidly increase the population density by allowing developers to build beyond the limits of our Official Community Plan (a process called density bonusing). This is resulting in land speculation, a glut of oversized condo towers, growing traffic problems, and increasingly inadequate recreational and other community amenities.  We’re trying to hold the current mayor and his Council majority accountable by doing research, speaking up at public meetings, and informing the public in any way we can. We note that this mayor and three councillors all receive significant campaign funding from the same developers who then come before Council applying for density bonuses and upzoning.  Such a clear conflict of interest is illegal at all other levels of government, but somehow permissible at the municipal level.  

This term will be interesting, with major projects to come before Council. In part, the OCP is complete but without a density bonus policy, Harry Jerome, Lot 5, Site 8, the Museum, the Polygon Gallery, Harbourside, Gaming, School lands and needed infrastructure and transit improvements.  There is no evidence yet of the new majority voting independently.  We would remind those Councillors that they do not have a majority of voters behind them.

Is this where we’re heading before 2041?  



2 responses to “NEWS

  1. Let’s face it, apathy is the greatest threat we face in North Vancouver.
    I tried as hard as I could to ensure that Mussatto and his pro development council were not elected.
    Not hard enough apparently.
    With this unfettered highrise growth, and a council that is immune to criticism, why would Darrel not appease his masters.
    Saddest thing is that he grew up here and doesn’t seem to care that he is ruining North Van.
    Hard to imagine that he is not personally benefitting from all this development.
    Getting in at the ground floor, so to speak.
    Typical greedy, short sighted politician in my opinion,
    For anyone who pays attention, Mussatto will be known as the unethical pos who ruined North Van while lining his own pockets.
    Is there any way to have him investigated? I would like to know what goes on behind the scenes in the offices of the developers who gave Darrell campaign funds.
    We all know it is unethical, but is it illegal?

  2. Is this where wee’re heading?

    Without question. IT’s ‘sustainable development’ don’t you know.
    Density, density , density, towers, more towers and a war on cars.

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