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‘Moving Us Forward Folly’ (more on Urban Bike Lift)

Below is an email from a City resident sent to Mayor and Council today re the bike lift (aka gleam in the Mayor’s eye since 2009 at least).   Voices comment:  For a few seconds during the meeting it seemed that Councillor Back would not support the motion – but then she ‘toed the line again’.  What has happened to independent thought? 

Dear CNV Mayor and Council,
Four of you voted for CNV staff to “add $60,000 to the revised budget” (how much is the budget now?  how many staff are working on this study?
The “study” will identify 4 possible locations in the city of North Vancouver for a bike lift that will assist cyclists .. and tourists .. to cycle up hills in North Van.
hey, c’mon.  Our city is built on a mountain !  We have numerous hills:
– east 3rd street
– east Keith Road
– East 29th street
– a little hill up east 17th street to the boulevard
– a little hill up east 19th street to the boulevard
– fell ave up to Westview
– west Keith road
– up Hamilton to the Lucas centre
– Pemberton Heights
– north from the water, up Chesterfield
– north from the water, up Lonsdale
– north from the water, up St. Georges 
– up from 3rd street to the boulevard on Queensbury
– .. more
Which of these routes do the the Tourists ride?  none?  oh, ok, forget the Tourists.
Students senior high school and post-secondary – how many are affected/?  Are they physically able to cycle the routes ?
getting residents out of cars, onto bicycles or buses.  
We have a large population of Seniors.  h  ow many ride bikes?  How many can?
   .. is it feasible to shop at Walmart, take the bus to the Doctor, go to Yoga, attend crafts, social and leisure events … on a bicycle?
Estimate  Darrell, what percent of CNV Residents, can cycle to work ?
I love new ideas, technology, dreams of the future, innovation ….
This is an expensive study, for nought !     Folly …….
  Betty Escott, CNV Resident