Our vision is a livable community in which the needs and desires of CNV residents have a greater influence in development decisions than the interests of those who profit from ever-increasing densification. We want residents to be empowered to have a real say in the shaping of their city.

Our immediate goal is to ensure the City’s new Official Community Plan:

  • Puts limits on density – that is, does not treat increasing density as a priority goal, and does recognize we are already well ahead of the City’s own targets.
  • Recognizes the need to conserve and properly utilize the City’s limited industrial land.
  • Recognizes the importance of residents’ quality of life by adequately considering green space, traffic issues, protection of single-family neighbourhoods, and the provision of community services.
  • Truly represents the wishes of residents.

Our longer-term goals:

  • Put the City back in the hands of residents by encouraging citizens to become involved in all planning and development processes.
  • Ensure that any future development be limited to the capacity of the City’s infrastructure; development should never be allowed to outstrip the infrastructure required to support it.
  • Protect the City’s job-creating industrial/commercial land base to ensure an adequate ratio of jobs to population.
  • Put quality of life for existing residents ahead of financial gain for developers.
  • Restrict density bonusing; the City must respect the spirit as well as the letter of the OCP.

We welcome participation from anyone concerned about how the City of North Vancouver is growing. We are particularly focused on growth and land management. We believe that OCP amendments, re-zoning, density bonusing and other actions that increase density in the city have had no significant positive effects – either in making housing more affordable or in community amenities.

In fact, many believe the livability and sustainability have taken a turn for the worse as traffic makes some roads barely passable for many hours per day and the growth of parks, recreation facilities, services and amenities continue to fall behind the growth in population.

Meantime the developers grow bolder and amenities and services are failing.

Contact us:  northvancityvoices@gmail.com


4 responses to “About

  1. Is there a DISTRICT of NV advocacy group similar to the CITY advocacy group ?

    • northvancityvoices

      Hi Jane, I don’t believe so. The DNV has effective community associations though, and this is the link to their website: http://nvcan.ca/ which I guess is the same thing more or less. Thanks for finding us, cheers – Toni

  2. Hi, I’ve been to council meetings before. You can’t speak and the council has already made up it’s mind. What can we do to have an impact on this rediculous abuse of voting power in favour of dehumanizing our town?
    Louise Bradley

  3. Just noticed in the Northshore News that the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce CEO Series Luncheon on 4 March 2106 will feature Michael Epp, our City Planner. He will “give an overview of city planning and how the City of North Vancouver is raising the bar”. Should be interesting. Anyone able to attend?

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