City of North Vancouver 2041?

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MAYORAL DEBATE:  Centennial Theatre

and Council Candidate meet and greet:

The Mayoral Debate October 26 was very well supported, thank you to everyone for participating and providing questions for the second part of the afternoon. The questions will be posted later this week, and we’ll attempt to have responses for them which will also be posted… stay tuned!

HOSTED BY North Van City Voices, Cloverley Residents Assn; Courthouse Area Residents Assn; and others











NOVEMBER 05:  7-9.30PM       RIDGEWAY SCHOOL Hosted by Grand Blvd Ridgeway Residents Assn



The top category lately for views on this website has been “Election”.  Nomination period is from September 30 – October 10.

We are planning to run a list of candidates with a brief introduction of each, their website, and an answer to the question:  ‘Will you accept donations from developers and/or unions?”   We’ll publish the answers we receive under no, yes or no response.  Which should make it clear whether new candidates will follow the motion passed by Council in November 2013:



                                                              NO              YES       NO RESPONSE


KERRY MORRIS                           X

DARRELL MUSSATTO                                                         X                                                    

GEORGE PRINGLE                                            X                 X


HOLLY BACK:                                                                         X

BILL BELL                                      X

DON BELL                                      X

DOROTHY  BELL                         X

PAM BOOKHAM                          X

LINDA BUCHANAN                                                                X

MATT CLARK                                                      X                   

ROD CLARK                                  X

VIA FEARNLEY  *                       X                    X

JOHN HARVEY                                                                        X

JOE HEILMAN                             X

DAVE JANIS                                                                              X

CRAIG KEATING                                                                     X

IANI MAKRIS                                                                           X

KATHY MCGRENERA                                      X                   

AMANDA NICHOL                     X


TONY  VALENTE                        X

*Via Fearnley – no to developers $, yes to her union $


New candidates are welcome to contact us (, please answer our question in your communication with us.  We encourage debate on important issues in the City and strive to help residents stay informed.  Candidates are welcome to submit links to their election materials.   We offer you up to 4 sentences which we’ll post together with the link to your election materials.







Bill Bell is a hometown boy, brought up here in North Vancouver City, schooled at St Edmunds, Ridgeway, Sutherland, North Vancouver Senior Secondary and Capilano College, now Capilano University. He has worked tirelessly for the City and is known to take on tough fights for the people of our community. He has fought over density and high rise (above the OCP) development both as a former City Councillor and as a writer for the North Shore News.  He strongly believes that traffic is an issue that must be dealt with, not just as a traffic engineering problem, but as a comprehensive community issue that takes into account, safety, pollution, seniors, livability and other social issues.



I am  a former school trustee, and I am running as an independent progressive council candidate for the City I call home. I am a strong urban environmentalist and was instrumental in bringing many recycling and hazardous waste programs to BC as the Executive Director of the Recycling Council or as the Hazardous Waste Reduction Commissioner of the province.

North Vancouver requires strong ethical leadership with councilors that value history, the environment and community while planning and developing economically sound plans for the future. I do not take developer donations as I believe that practice is unethical and undermines the confidence of the community has for unbiased decisions council must make.


I was born and raised on the North Shore, now I am fortunate to be raising my family in North Vancouver. Among other campaign commitments (which can be found on my website,, I am first and foremost, committed to ensure we leave a sustainable legacy for our future generations.  Future growth should be metered,  building ‘Too much too fast’ could leave future generations with major traffic, infrastructure and unintended social issues. I intend to LISTEN to your input and make decisions based on what YOU feel is best for the community, not what is best for special interest groups. 


- Via Fearnley is a hardworking mother, Registered Nurse , business woman who has lived in North Vancouver for over 28 years.
- As a nurse, I know that building a healthy community is the most important job of a city Councillor.
- The pace of development is negatively impacting our quality of life and we need to slow the pace of development in the city.
- As your Councillor, I will listen to and engage with you, our residents and respect your views.


The City of North Vancouver is important to Joe Heilman and he wants to make the city exceptional for your family.
With Joe’s entrepreneurial background and smart decision making residents will know that tax payer’s money is used to better the city as a whole. Joe has been involved in community organizations like the Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Gate Foundation and has sat on the Board of Variance and the Design Panel. He volunteers as a coach for his kid’s hockey, baseball and soccer teams and supports Harvest Project, Challengers Baseball and Children’s Wish Foundation.
I am passionate about my home, the city of North Vancouver, and I want to contribute my efforts to make it an even more vibrant community for families, businesses and people of all ages and diverse backgrounds to live and work.  My experiences as a single parent, small business operator and active community volunteer in North Vancouver brings an important lens to City governance.  My training as a facilitator, my background in working collaboratively in groups and my work in financial management will bring a useful skill set. Important City issues that I’d like to work on addressing are housing affordability, transportation challenges, child care and visioning for our aging population, and safeguarding our natural environment for future generations


Amanda lives and works on the North Shore as an exercise physiologist, raising her two boys with her husband, Ross.  She has attended over 120 council meetings, chairs the City’s Parks & Environment Advisory, has attended many workshops, public School Board and committee meetings, public hearings, and information sessions.  We need more realistic long-term vision and planning reflecting the concerns of our current community relating to land use, traffic, affordability, childcare, and density and she believes our community should benefit more from the growth we are experiencing.  This is only going to happen with more discussion and compromise, and a less divisive decision making process and she will bring the same commitment and energy to the council table that she has shown in her community activities over the past several years, making certain that residents are represented.


Through my involvement in the North Van Urban Forum and multiple municipal committees, I have worked – and continue to work – to advance the cause of citizen engagement. We all have a voice which deserves to be heard and respected. Now more than ever, our City requires representatives who respect, listen to, and act on the concerns of our community. As a Councillor I can offer the City years of project and risk management experience that is sorely needed for Council to make cost-effective and planned decisions on significant new investments to renew our infrastructure now and in the future.  


We are also running a series of articles written for the 2008 election by Andrea Lebowitz, a much missed community member, under “Election”.



Note to new candidates:  You may be interested in responding to this post



Council expenses now posted for 2nd quarter 2014:


Latest news:    

We were recently asked by a City resident the following (referring to the draft OCP) and concerns about height, density, the current amount of condo product on the market not selling, decreasing home values based on the volume available.
How is your group going to deal with this issue?  Can you have any influence on the decision?  What do you need in order for it to be voted down?
This was our reply:
On how our group will deal with these issues – we’ll do what we have on previous similar proposals – show up at all the open houses and public hearings and provide detailed rebuttals. We’ll support the things that we think are good for the community and oppose the things that are not. If we feel height or floor space bonuses are being given to developers too cheaply, we’ll point that out and demand a better deal for the city. We’ll remind council about the overriding issues we have addressed consistently till now – traffic, community services falling behind, overpopulation, the glut of high-rise condos, etc.
On influencing the decision – we have had some success here and there, getting the city to slow down some of the development growth.   We support candidates not funded by developers and unions.


19 Responses to “NEWS”

  1. DT October 27, 2014 at 7:32 am #


    I take it you oppose the developers making $15 million a tower (and they dont even have to build any pesky infrastructure)? You probably oppose the city and district managements that enable the developers. Me too.

    You see, 10,000 signatures on a petition opposing towers in Lynn Valley cant stop this.

    -Unions (teachers, fire personnel, paramedic etc) rely on growth to fund their stretched pension funds, they vote in pro-growth city and district management
    -around 40% of the BC economy works in development now, so there is a large contingent reliant upon development to feed and house their families
    -the city and district vote in favor of growth initiatives handed down by metro vancouver and GVRD. No questions asked.
    -Ottawa forces immiigrants upon GVRD and metro vancouver without proper compensation for ESL and other integration
    -metro vancouver, district of north vancouver, are members of ICLEI which removes much planning to an NGO, an Agenda-21 (population reduction) NGC funded by David Rockefeller, which is a breach of trust

    If there was online voting, open houses, referendums, this wouldn’t happen quite so easily. Bring up online participation in politics and note the opposition.


    • northvancityvoices October 30, 2014 at 6:03 pm #

      Note from Voices: the Amanda referred to here is not candidate Amanda Nichol

  2. Amanda October 10, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    On the recent development on the north shore; it has to STOP. The current roads and transit are not even remotely close to handle the traffic as it currently sits. Even cutting the traffic in half isn’t enough. I’ve seen the current plans to develop, and there are supposed to be many towers going up close to the Lions Gate Bridge around where Earls is. How in the hell is that going to work with traffic? Do these people not think.

    I would only be on board with the development under certain conditions:

    1) The developers (and those who voted for development) now fully pay every single person’s gas bill for life whom live on the North Shore
    2) Pay every citizen on the North Shore $2000 a month as compensation for sitting in traffic for hours on end.

    Let them pay for all that, then I’ll be on board.

    As far as amalgamation goes, the only area pushing it is the District of North Vancouver. West Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver wan’t no part of it. West Vancouver citizens don’t want to give up control of their services like police and fire; nor do they want their taxes increased. The city of North Vancouver do not want any part of it as they don’t want their taxes increased, plus, the city runs like a well oiled machine.

    That leaves the District of North Vancouver, they are the only ones who keep pushing it… now ask yourself, why is that? Laymans terms, they will pay considerably less while the city of north vancouver and west vancouver offset their costs.

    Amalgamation will not happen on the north shore, ever. Shared services maybe, but amalgamation will never happen. City of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver citizens will never ever vote in favor of it.

    • northvancityvoices October 12, 2014 at 1:51 pm #

      Note to readers: Contrary to a recent blog post by Mayoralty candidate George Pringle, the ‘Amanda’ who made this comment is not the same person as Council candidate Amanda Nichol.

  3. Ed October 8, 2014 at 11:14 pm #

    The developer OCP has failed and it is going TO STAY THAT WAY. The present municipal leaders have to be replaced. The rhetoric is already starting. Developers are probably very unhappy about now and are going to do every thing in their power to get their way as they normally do.
    God help us when all of the condos being built now are finally occupied, the extra vehicles on the North Shore are going to cause an absolute nightmare on our two bridges. We have our present mayors and their counselors to blame for all this development.
    Get out and vote folks, we have to make a change and put people in office that work for US!!

    • Kari October 27, 2014 at 9:43 pm #

      Yes sure if you want another Rob Ford Drama scene here. I say no thanks to that. Remember out of 7 people the 4 votes win. Vancouver also has a say to having 2 bridges. I rather have 2 bridges than have the traffic Vancouver and Burnaby has. It’s unfortunate that we on the north shore endure traffic from the ferries and up to Whistler. There is a price to pay you want quite go live in Hope.

  4. Ed October 1, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    Well, we guess we can write off two people running for council. It is very easy to find out the source of funding these days and even easier to expose them! Good luck to honest candidates – GO FOR IT.

  5. Ed August 19, 2014 at 6:44 pm #

    It must be getting a little closer to municipal election time.
    Aug. 19 / 2014 news flash – Phibbs Exchange Upgrade coming. The rhetoric begins!
    Sounds to us like this wonderful improvement is supposed relieve traffic on one or both of our two bridges. Too much development – too many people – TOO MANY VEHICLES!!
    Developers getting their way regardless of how the folks on the North Shore feel. This is unacceptable and has to be controlled by NEW MUNICIPLE LEADERS.
    The ONLY way to this is to vote for those who listen to the average citizens on the North Shore. Right now our present city and district leaders are allowing total out of control development and just ignoring the folks they are supposed to represent. Guess how to defeat this problem. Go to the polls folks and vote for leaders who WILL represent US!
    It’s all too obvious now that traffic is already a major problem due to development and
    our province is not about to foot the bill for another crossing in the near future. We expect
    our present leaders to come up with ideas for another crossing. Ever heard of election promises? They are going to come up with some big election surprise because they obviously want to keep their jobs. Everyone Possible has to get out and vote for change
    or the developers will continue to roll over us. Democracy includes how the majority
    feels not just how the majority votes!

  6. Ed July 23, 2014 at 11:08 pm #

    Anyone ever see a map of the BORDER between the city and district in North Van.

  7. Ed July 23, 2014 at 11:03 pm #

    Sept. – OCP out! Coming election – Present municipal Leaders out!! Nuff said.

  8. Ed July 13, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    In an article in the North Shore News Friday July 11th/14. “City staff recommend densification along transit routes.” An extra sea bus, replacing Keith Road Bridge and extra busses along developer roads will NOT solve the upcoming traffic nightmare on our two bridges!!! Who are these brilliant staff member/s. There is no question that North Vancouver needs new municipal leaders. Steady green lights are just not an option
    for developers on this side of the inlet ANY MORE. The folks in North Van need new
    municipal leadership with common sense. The present population explosion is already causing problems. Developers only care about their bottom line – $$$. Beware the rhetoric
    and psychology upcoming about how to cure our traffic problems.

  9. Ed June 15, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    How can a third Sea Bus carry all of the extra vehicles trying to get across the inlet. Too much development causes too many vehicles for our two crossings. One of our genius municipal leaders thinks that another people carrying ferry is going to solve the problem
    or so it seems. Wait and watch for more rhetoric soon to come in the North Shore News!

    I also wonder who it was that thought it was their God given right to give the GREEN LIGHT
    to the high rise in Lynn Valley. It sure as H— wasn’t the people in Lynn Valley or even in the district. I hope the present municipal leaders kept there day jobs.
    Looking forward to election day!

  10. Ed April 24, 2014 at 10:41 pm #

    NEW CANDIDATES for Mayor and council of the City and district of North Vancouver, GET OUT THERE AND RUN FOR OFFICE. You can be elected as long as you vow to control development. Use your computer and the media. The present leaders are already responsible for too much traffic over our two bridges. Commuting is a real issue and no amount of rhetoric is going to solve the problem.
    Development = overpopulation = vehicles = gridlock!!!

  11. Bill Bell April 23, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

    You really have to wonder how the North Shore News can even complain about voter turnout when they come up with policies that takes away from creating excitement around an election…this is how they will cover the three elections on the North Shore

    “Hi Bill, thanks for your note. I believe you were a councillor when I started at the News and first covered council (1992). Welcome back home.

    Our plan is to give each mayoral candidate a news brief (150-200 words) and a head shot when they throw their hat into the ring. Council candidates will have their opportunity to present their platforms when we run the grids closer to election time. With the three councils, there’s simply not space for a separate profile of each candidate.

    grid example here

    We hope to run a series of feature stories of hot-button election issues (amalgamation, densification etc); candidates may be interviewed as sources for these stories.



    • northvancityvoices April 23, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

      Well, coming to the defense of the News – they usually do a good job of coverage as well as hosting a mayoral debate, and editorial board q and a if memory serves. With three elections there are usually in excess of 80 candidates to cover, plus school board candidates.

      • Bill Bell April 24, 2014 at 7:02 am #

        My problem with the set policy, is that it takes away “news” factors for individual candidates. Thus there is no spontaneity to the news cycle and subsequent electoral excitement for the possibility of change. The other obvious problem with this kind of policy is that it favors the incumbents as they will continue to be in the news cycle while newcomers our relegated to the “cattle” page of candidate profiles.

  12. Ed April 19, 2014 at 5:48 pm #

    We’ve seen the HOT election news about candidates for mayor and council. Anyone who wishes to run can be nominated. Those who ARE in the race should keep in mind that controlling development is the issue. High rises in Lynn Valley is so ridiculous it’s just unbelievable. The traffic on our two bridges at rush hour is bad enough now. The only way to control over development is to elect officials who will believe in common sense.
    Residents of North Vancouver please get out and vote for common sense at election time. Our city and district are being absolutely run over by developers!

  13. Ed April 2, 2014 at 7:22 pm #

    To the candidates for Mayor and Council of North Vancouver, please state your Policy on over population caused by too many high rises. If you want to be elected, make sure you have this policy on your printed material. Rapid density on the North Shore is out of control. When developers get away with manipulating municipalities it’s time for a change. The citizens of the north shore have to get out and vote for those candidates who will strongly control the extreme rapid density taking place even as I type this note.
    This is not a reply, it’s a statement !

  14. Ed March 16, 2014 at 9:35 pm #

    It is a well known fact that certain individuals are claiming that West Vancouver does not wish to be involved with amalgamation. They never did and would also never even consider doing so. So this just means that we have con artists who are calling the citizens on the north shore fools. We need the North Van. city and district to amalgamate and without all the rhetoric being shoved down our throats.

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