Letter to Councillor Bell from Lana Simon

Dear Councillor Bell:

After reading the recent article in the North Shore Outlook (see below), I am very upset that, once again, there seems to be an attempt to subvert the due process whereby residents in a community can democratically participate at City Hall.  I refer specifically to your comments that if Onni is willing to make changes then you may reverse your vote for a second public hearing.

“But now that decision may be reversed after Coun. Don Bell told The Outlook he’s willing to reconsider his Nov. 26 vote to revert to another public hearing if Onni is willing to consider a few changes.”


Many citizens wanted to speak at the first meeting and were prevented from doing so by the manipulation of the speakers’ list and timing for sign-up.

I also feel it was totally not proper that resident addresses were not required by the speakers.  North Van. City residents have the right to know whether someone from their own community is speaking to an issue or whether ‘outsiders’ are trying to influence our municipal council.  I have spoken several times before Council and each time the Mayor has stated I am to provide my name and address PRIOR to being allowed to speak.  Why have I been required to give council my residential address and why was this requirement dispensed with at the public meeting?  Are rules not rules?

Reversing your vote for a second hearing based upon Onni agreeing to some changes PRIOR to the public having due process to speak and council following the rules regarding residential requirements is disallowing democracy.

Also, please see the attached article in the NS News – let’s set a formula advantageous to city residents.



Lana Simon
CARA resident and
City of North Van. resident


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