The Tyee – Notes on Scot Hein’s Quitting Vancouver’s Planning Department

The Tyee – Notes on Scot Hein’s Quitting Vancouver’s Planning Department.

What a great testament to a City of Vancouver planner, what will be the legacy of the City of North Van’s Council and Planners?

Quoting in part:

For the many in this city who don’t know Scot Hein, it’s worth pointing out, as I often do to my urban planning students at UBC, that almost everything you like about the City of Vancouver Scot has had a hand in.

Do you like the feeling of the green-way at the 12th and Arbutus project? Scot was a major force behind that.

Do you like the way many of our newer buildings add to the life of the city by presenting a warm and exciting edge to the city street? Scot had a hand in that.

Do you appreciate the same things that have made our city famous around the world? Attention to public spaces? A concern for human scale? Environmental remediation at Olympic Village? Trees? Benches? Small parks throughout the city? Generous sidewalks? Buildings that are not just about making an impression from a distance but also about making your life in the city more rewarding? Scot did that. Lots of that.



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